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Cynergy CX Feather



Light is right. Light. Responsive. Quick. Cynergy Feather models feature a lightweight aluminum alloy receiver to reduce weight by nearly on pound compared to their counterparts with a steel receiver. If you’re wondering about the longevity of the lighter receiver, don’t. Steel reinforements have been added to all high wear contact surfaces. With the low weight and low profile of the receiver, few shotguns have ever rested in one’s hands with greater balance and a greater sense of quickness. Plus, it has all of the other innovative features that have made the Cynergy the choice of those who want something more than the ordinary. 

  • Lightweight alloy receiver with steel breech face and hinge surfaces
  • Versatile 60/40 POI is ideal for hunting and all clay target sports
  • Satin finish Grade I walnut stock
  • 1/4″ stock spacer
  • Three Position Trigger with one trigger shoe
  • Inflex recoil pad
  • Ivory front sight and mid-bead
  • Three extended Midas Grade choke tubes
  • Crossover for hunting/trap/sporting clays/skeet


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