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BT-99 Micro with Adjustable LOP


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The exact shortness you want. The Graco stock lets you adjust the length of pull, toe-in/out and heel height (in relation to stock). The venerable BT-99 Micro design really has no competition at all for younger or smaller shooters. And now, for young shooters, the ability to fit with precision has never been better.  If you need a slightly more compact version, this is it. Performance can be found with the BT-99 like no other. 

Performance. When it was introduced in 1969, it immediately gained a loyal following among both beginner and veteran shooters alike. They appreciated the consistent, reliable performance and great value the BT-99 offered. Today is no different. This model truly lives up to the reputation of the classic, original, and more. 

  • Graco butt pad plate allows for adjustment of the length of pull (LOP), toe-in/out, and up/down
  • Satin finish walnut stock 
  • Trap-style recoil pad
  • Ivory front sight with mid-bead 
  • Eligible for the Growth Insurance Program
  • Ideal for trap


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