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12 Gauge Standard Invector X-Full Turkey


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The original standard of excellence.  The Browning Standard Invector 12 gauge X-Full Turkey choke tube is designed to go beyond the tightness capable with a Standard Invector full choke. It does this with a moderate choke tube extension (about 1/3 longer than flush fit tubes) and an improved internal taper. Constructed of highly polished, 17-4 stainless steel for the ultimate in performance and durability.

A major place in history. 12 gauge Standard Invector was one of the original removable choke tube designs. Standard Invector shotguns have conventional bore diameters and are not back-bored as many Browning shotguns are today. The original, shorter, flush fit tubes were supplied on large numbers of Browning shotguns. They still offer great performance for most hunting situations. The Standard Invector X-Full Turkey extended choke tube has more specialized patterning capabilities for shooting at longer ranges.

  • 12 gauge Standard Invector X-Full Turkey tube is extended and notched for a choke tube wrench.
  • The extension is knurled and ported. It is easy to install and remove. The porting offers  reduced perceived recoil. 
  • Pattern tightness and core densities vary with different turkey loads. You may wish to pattern your shotgun to get the best turkey pattern possible. 
  • This tube can also be considered for trap shooters with Standard Invector shotguns, especially when shooting at handicap distances. 
  • The tight constriction of this choke tube is not recommended for steel shot as patterns may not provide the desired results.

Standard Invector tubes fit only Browning shotguns designed for Standard Invector and are not for use in shotguns showing Invector-Plus or Invector-DS on the barrel(s).


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