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12 Gauge Standard Invector Turkey/Deer Special


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A place in choke tube history. Early in the history of Standard Invector choke tubes, it became apparent that a version was needed that would deliver a tighter pattern overall with lead loads, specifically tight patterns at 40 yards, producing greater core densities. At the time, tight, dense patterns were proving to be extremely effective for delivering the necessary pellet hits in the neck and head necessary to drop a large tom instantly. This choke tube was the answer. Over the years, this tube has gained a strong reputation with serious turkey shooters. The bottom line is that an extended tube is essential if you are presented with longer shots and are using a Standard Invector shotgun.  

Performance and versatility. With its extended length, tight choke constriction, and longer precision taper, this choke tube differs from other 12 gauge Standard Invector tubes. It functions best when used with quality turkey ammunition and offers tight patterns using lead Turkey loads including copper plated, blended shot, resin-type and non-toxic (non-steel) loads.

Double performance ideal for any large shot size lead loads. The extension doubles the length of the tube itself. This tube is also very versatile. It has been designed to produce tight, consistent patterns when using buckshot. That means it can double for deer hunting using buckshot. Clay target shooters have also found that this tube produces excellent patterns with lead shot at handicap distances. 

  • Constructed of highly polished, 17-4 stainless steel for the ultimate in performance and durability.
  • Porting along the extension can mitigate barrel jump for a more effective follow-up shot.  
  • Standard Invector X-Full Turkey/Deer tube is an extended tube, not flush fit. Features knurled extension and porting.
  • The muzzle end of the tube is notched for use with the appropriate Browning Standard Invector choke tube wrench.

Standard Invector tubes fit only Browning shotguns designed for Standard Invector and are not for use in shotguns showing Invector-Plus or Invector-DS on the barrel(s).


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