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12 Gauge Standard Invector Rifled (Deer Special)


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A major place in history. 12 gauge Standard Invector was one of the original removable choke tube designs. Standard Invector shotguns have conventional bore diameters and are not back-bored as many Browning shotguns are today.  This rifled version is one of the early specialty choke tubes in the Standard Invector family. 

Superior slug patterning. An extended tube extends beyond the muzzle about one and a half times longer than the portion inside the muzzle. The tube length maximizes the effect the rifling has on the slug to create optimal spin. The result is excellent slug stability and superior patterns with quality sabot and Foster type slugs. Constructed of highly polished, 17-4 stainless steel for the ultimate in performance and durability.

  • Standard Invector Rifled Deer Special is an extended tube, not flush fit, with a red band to help with identification in your gear bag.
  • Inside the red band, the end of the tube is notched for use with the appropriate choke tube wrench. 

Standard Invector tubes fit only Browning shotguns designed for Standard Invector and are not for use in shotguns showing Invector-Plus or Invector-DS on the barrel(s).


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